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We facilitate apprenticeships end-to-end for law students in order to democratize legal education.


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We're a team of lawyers, apprentices, and activists who are ready to get you to the Bar Exam.

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Our team provides you with an attorney to supervise your 6-month study sessions.

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You will receive access to an online study center, community events, & an alumni network.

Manage & report your course of study.

Our dashboard will produce the progress reports you can send to the government.

Let's redefine the future of legal education.

While an apprenticeship (also known as "reading the law") is the original pathway to becoming an attorney in the United States, only 4 states including California, Washington, Virginia, and Vermont formally allow students to sit for their respective Bar Exam at this time.

We are going to change that!

We have been working with students for years and have seen the results of our efforts in real time.

California Law Apprenticeship Enrollment

*Source: The State Bar of California

The Law Office Study Center will help you circumvent traditional law school and the crippling debt that comes with it.


From the blog

CA Apprenticeships 101

Melissa successfully passed the CA Bar Exam in 2020 and discusses her journey through the program with her supervising attorney.

Video replay coming soon!

VA Apprenticeship 101

Laura is a second-generation law reader in Virginia and she explains the steps she took to pass the VA Bar Exam in 2020.

We need representation in our representation.

The law is the least diverse industry in the United States. The American Bar Association confirms that of all of the attorneys who can represent us in the judicial system, only:

  • 5% are Black
  • 5% are Hispanic
  • 2% are Asian
  • 0.2% are Native American

We are going to change that!

The Law Office Study Center is working to make the justice system more equitable by making the Bar Exam more accessible.

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In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we are hosting a free virtual webinar that discusses the rules, regulations, and resources available with respect to legal apprenticeships.

This session will be a high level overview for folks, especially youth, who are interested in apprenticeships as an equitable pathway to becoming a legal professional in the digital age.