We need your help to diversify the legal profession. By taking on an apprentice that is registered with the Law Office Study Program in one of the states that offer it (ie. CA), you help a student from a historically underrepresented community gain access to the legal education they need to take the Bar and then bring justice to the communities they represent after they pass.


Our team will place an apprentice to study in the office of your law firm for a set amount of hours per week (ie. 18 hr/week in CA).

Exams and Reporting

We will provide you and your apprentice with outlines, curriculum, monthly exams, and 6-month reports to submit to the Bar.

Student Cohorts

You have the choice to supervise multiple apprentices at a time. You can also choose to pay the apprentices for clerk work outside of their study time.

6 months.

We ask that you commit to one 6-month study session at a time so that you can see the magic of this program and determine if it's a right fit for your firm. Apprentices need to complete 8 study sessions in order to become eligible to take the Bar Exam. You can choose to supervise apprentices as your schedule permits.


Lawyers at Harvey Esquire have over 10 years of experience representing operators, accelerators, and emerging fund managers in their deals. They focus solely on structuring early stage investments—including Series Seed and Series A—targeting private investment funds with less than $100M AUM. They support apprentices who want to become attorneys who power the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


The lawyers at The Law Offices of Diana B. Berlin specialize in plaintiff contingency fee civil cases and expose apprentices to the primary focus areas of workers compensation, personal injury, wrongful death, and catastrophic trauma. They are dedicated to offering services on a contingency fee basis.

Can we count on you?

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